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Our online offerings allow you to join classes from anywhere, making it easier than ever to maintain your practice. Enjoy the benefits of a regular yoga routine, connect with our online community, and experience the transformative power of yoga from the comfort of your own space.

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Thanks to both Sophia and Jan for the dedicated love creative spirit and passion that was put into each and every day your utmost dedication is greatly appreciated ….. I discovered my creative flair on the free dance / flow day and was awesome to commit to each and every day and spend time with myself to reflect was very humbling so thank you again xxxxNamaste


The instructors, the tribe, the energy, the practices, everything, everything , everything was flipping amazing. Found my flow again 🤍 thank you


The entire challenge help me face a very stressful time and navigate growth and embracing emotion. Jan, Soph and community are just fantastic! ❤️


I lost my dad in Oct 2022 and have been battling to get back on my mat as I was not dealing with my emotions and every time I got on the mat the mind would take over. When the challenge came along I put my big girl panties on and headed back to my mat to face my demons. I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for getting me back on track. I loved every minute of it and am doing it all again


Thank you, Sophia & Jan! I sprained my ankle 6 weeks ago, so yoga and walking was pretty much all I could do for exercise and I was grateful that I had this challenge to guide me through the recovery. It was wonderful! It was also really great to take both of you with on my holiday; such a treat to do yoga while away. The 30 minutes were also really manageable and I loved being able to choose when I could do the class for the day.


No matter where you are at on your journey to free your spirit, our intensive workshops will assist you to dive deeper into your daily practice.


Join Sophia and other collaborators for one of our luxury retreats that are intentionally designed and hosted in beautiful locations to revitalize your soul.